Any time I go on a long drive, say anything 6+ hours, I listen to the audio book of 'Twelve Years a Slave'.

Solomon Northup was born a free man in 1804 in the state of New York, and was kidnapped in his 30's and brought to the state of Louisiana where he was kept as a slave for 12 years.

I've started writing a play based loosely on Northup, but with a twist.

The main lead breaks free and roams around the plantations of Louisiana, killing the wives of slave owners. He blends in with other slaves as he moves from plantation to plantation. So basically he's a serial killer slave.

There will be a number of nude scenes, fully-frontal, both male and female. In the coroners office, a gurney will be wheeled out with a bodybag on it, and the bodybag will be opened on stage to show the slave owner's wife naked on the slab. I already found a bodybag on eBay for $40. I just hope the actress doesn't cough or sneeze when the coroner's checking her over.

I'm part of a nudist group in Ireland and I've already told them there will be opportunities to cameo in my play -- not just in the morgue scenes. I'll be able to get naked people.

I spoke to one guy in my local theatre group about this, and he said to me that the movie Twelve Years a Slave was acceptable because the director was black, and also because the author of the screenplay was black. He told me that it might not be appropriate for me to do this because I'm white.

There aren't many black people where I live, and there are none in my theatre group, and so I was thinking that white people could wear full black bodypaint. Again, it may be seen as inappropriate for white people to 'black up', and so I was thinking maybe I could use a colour other than black. I was thinking I could use midnight blue... or maybe even go a step further and use green.

I'm thinking that my play would sell tickets primarily for two reasons:
(1) Lots of nudity on stage
(2) Anything to do with a serial killer will draw people in

Anyone who goes to see my play will be telling their friends at work, "Man, wait til you see the scene where they wheel out the bodybag...".

I suppose if it's popular I could also do an American tour if you guys really wanna see it that badly. Starting in Missouri of course.

Please give me your opinions on this.