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    Unhappy Judge orders surfer to steer clear of Hawaiian beach after 'wave rage' incident

    WAILUKU, Hawaii (AP) A judge ordered a windsurfer to stay at least 100 feet away from Kahana Beach Park after he allegedly slammed into a kitesurfer in an act of ''wave rage.''

    ''Find another place to windsurf for the time being,'' Circuit Judge Reinette Cooper told Dane Barnhard, 54, during a bail hearing Wednesday. ''We have road rage, now I'm hearing wave rage.''

    Barnhard, a retiree who lives in Maui, pleaded innocent to second-degree assault for deliberately windsurfing into a kitesurfer in December. The kitesurfer received nine stitches to his leg.

    ''Instead of coming to his aid, the defendant wanted to pick a fight,'' said Prosecutor Melinda Mendes.

    Windsurfers use a surf board with an attached sail; kitesurfers use a board pulled by a kite that sometimes lifts them out of the water.

    Barnhard was freed on supervised release and ordered to stay away from the kitesurfer and witnesses pending his March 18 trial. His lawyer, Kirsten Giroux, said he turned himself in after learning there was a warrant for his arrest.

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    Ah a matter close to my heart !!

    I see it when I go surfing the problem is no-one recognises the surfing code first man on the wave gets the ride the same applies to kite surfing and windsurfing.

    I have had several incidents where I,ve lost it the first when a novice cut in on my wave smacked his board into my brand new board that had only been in the water for about 15mins and his board than cracked down on my shoulder.Surfboards maybe light but there hard as nails.

    I grabbed him by the throat and pushed him under the water and then punched him when he got up,by that time my friends had come over and dragged us apart.No real damage to my board or to him apart from a bloody nose.Me I felt as if my shoulder had been busted and could,nt lift it for days!

    Oh the days before I started chilling!!LOL

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