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Thread: Hercules in NY

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    Hercules in NY

    Has anyone seen this movie? It was one of Arnold's firsts, and the credits still list him as "Mr. Arnold Strong". The main theatrical release even had his voiced dubbed over. It is a hilarious movie, I bought it at Walmart for $5 for ****s and giggles, and it was well worth it. Here is what it says on the back of the box.

    "Bored with Mt. Olympus, Hercules decides to visit Earth against the will of his father, Zeus. Zues explodes with anger and hurls a thunderbolt at Hercules who plummets into the sea and is rescued by a freighter bound for New York. There he is befriended by Pretzy who whisks him away from a brawling free for all with his shipmates.
    The plot thickens as Zeus' jealous wife Juno sends the dreaded Nemesis to take away Hercules' God-like strength. Some local hoodlums have just bet a small fortune on Hercules in a weight-lifting competition, and when he fails to win, a chase all over New York is on!"

    This was well worth a laugh .

    Here is a review that explains this movie's hilarity.
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    Yah I watched that movie couple times. Funny how they have his voiced dubbed like that. I watched a documentary on Arnold they said something to the affect how he hated they did that because the producer didnt like his english. He was still fresh off the plane and didnt have a good vocabulary built up yet.

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    I also have the dvd.....sometimes I watch it with Arnolds voice and then when I'm bored with that I move on to the dubbed's a true masterpiece, haha

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