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    No muscle allowed

    Well fellas it seems like the big wigs wanna eliminate everything possible that aids in fitness/muscle growth....Steroids , ephedra, and now precursors. Next thing ya know.....were not allowed to sleep anymore!!

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    I wonder how much they pay some of these former athletes to say things like that. That makes no sense. How do steroids cut off circulation to your legs again? I must have missed that in my "Roiding 101" class.

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    i honestly don't know, however even if it did, that case is 1/10000000.

    he might have been predisposed to blood vessel failure or had a weak heart after all those years boxing, especially if he had a poor diet.

    im guessing the juice wasn't actually responsible (directly), however it might have set other things in motion that eventually caused it.

    i think he is looking for sympathy and trying to bring other people down with this since he will never have legs again. i know i would be pissed, and juice might be the first thing i would lash out at if i was a public figure.

    it makes sense on the motive, but the science just isn't there to prove it.

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    this is so stupid a few people misuse supplements and the rest of use suffer learn how to read directions and due research jacka$$. you cant walk because you were stupid or because you had something geneticly wrong with you not because you juiced.

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    seems like they want to get rid of everything now-a-days...............god forbid we actaully want to be in shape.......and not like the majority of our society (overweight and obese)...........

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    This is just another little slip further down the slippery slope of America's insane drug policy. I can't belive these politicians are even wasting their time with this stuff.

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    All part of the Bush Admin trying to control what we watch, say, consume, and do.

    If it keeps going I see some form of a 'civil war' happening.


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    Isn't it funny that Congress is debating this one week after protecting the lard pedaling fastfood industry from accountability for the artery clogging garbage they sell. The baseball union needs to take a stand and bring the true benefits of AAS to light and also start shattering some of the myths about the dangers. I am digusted by the misinformation and one-sided arguments that are always part of these hearings. People need to vote. I just can't fathom that taking 1AD in the next year or two will be illegal and put my professional liscense at stake and perhaps land me in jail and make me a felon. I've never harmed a soul while on and have in fact saved quite a few lives. I pay my taxes, give to charity, volunteer and consider myself an exemplary member of my community. These steroid laws are total bullsh*t. If they want to protect kids as is the claim, simply put penalties in place against dispensing to minors.

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