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    need tricks to stay lean while bulking- vets?

    Hi bros !

    I'm planning my autumn bulk again and I'm wondering about a thing here...

    Does anyone have any good tips to stay "quite lean" under a bulking cycle or bulking in general ?

    The fat really packed on on my last winter bulk cycle (1-4:30mg dbol ed, 1-10 test E 500mg ew) specialy week 6-10 when test E kicked fully in. I have a moderate metabolism, pack on mass and a bit fat easy but I'm not a mesomorph either, more something between total gain from last winter cycle was 35lbs and bf increase of about 8-10%

    I would like to stay as anabolic as possibile while not gaining more than about 3-5% bf under a some kind of bulk cycle...

    stats now after cutting and then maintaince for a while:
    200lbs - 8-9% bf
    5 10"

    Nice to see the msg board groing so fast by the way

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    Post this in the diet section bro...I thought on a bulker you wanted to gain as much weight/muscle as possible, but i've never looked at a bulking diet or cycle for that matter, so my suggestion i the diet forum the can help you out bro...

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    Plenty of clean cals, a little cardio to boost your metabolisim....can you'll be fine try using A.Is on cycle as well

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    Diet did that, not the test.

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    Use clomid, Nolvadex ,or Arimidex through your cycle. Cardio isnt gonna hurt, but im more one minded when it comes to cycling. I am either bulking or cutting. And a cutting cycle is ussually a simple low test cycle just to keep my muscle from wasting away. Most of the time I would tell people not to try to do both gain and cut at the same time but, an increase of 10% body fat is alot. I would try to control your estrogen levels either with the gear you take or ancilliary drugs.

    Estrogen and diet did that!!!!

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    You could keep your carbs relativley low for about 10 days or so, then carb up for a day. This could help with some of the water retention from the test. Loading every 10 days should give your body enough to top of the glycogen. Adjust it accordingly of course. Some light/moderate cardio in the AM, too.

    For a cycle perhaps...
    500mg test enth EW wk.1-12
    400mg EQ (200mg2xEw) wk.1-12
    20-120mcg of clen ED 2wk on/2wk off alternating with an ECA of some sort wk.1-12
    30mg dbol ED wk.1-4
    10mg nolva and .25mg l-dex throughout and PCT of course

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    morning cardio...but is a bulker

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    Eat clean and light cardio.

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