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    Third Cycle---PLEASE CRITIQUE

    Here is my third and (hopefully, lol) last cycle:

    Goal: 25lbs

    wks 1-10 500mg enanthate
    wks 1-9 400mg deca
    wks 7-12 50mg of winny
    clen to finish
    ancillaries: arimidex and clomid

    Previous two cycles:
    (1) 500 mg of Sustanon for 8 weeks
    (2) 500 mg of Cypionate (authentic) and 400 mg of Equipoise for 11 weeks(possibly fake, as I did not see any of the results that were expected from this substance).

    Stats: 5'7, 165lbs

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    Two cycle and you weigh 165 bro? What were your starting stats so we can see if your goal is pheasable...

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