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Thread: Run/bike cycle

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    Question Run/bike cycle

    Anyone have advice on a good cycle for running/cycling? Or suggestions on what juice to use? Thanks in advance.

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    i would suggest winstrol , clen , and blood doping(or aspirin to thin your blood).

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    EPO. That's what most cyclists use (not a steroid ). It increases blood volume and so allows for more endurance. That's what all those cyclists you see on tv use. Well, many of them anyway. No idea where you get EPO though besides a pharmacy (it's prescribed to anemic patients).

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    if you are looking for a good cycle for cycling look into some HGH and insulin for good strength increase, and like the other dudes said EPO is probably the best drug for cycling. But it also depends on the type of cycling you are doing, if you're a track rider then look into anabolics but if you are a road racer or mountain biker lean more towards the EPO, you can get EPO in Mexico and look for it made by a company called "Procrit" the bottle will be labeled Epotein Alfa. Be made careful with that shit though, take too much and your blood turns to peanut butter and you'll die. People on it usually sleep w/ HR monitors with the alarm set to go off if their HR goes below 30 or so, and if it does they have to wake up and run around. Id suggest doing this. Also drink mad H2O when on it! lemme know if you need some more info. lata

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    yeah - EPO is some truly dangerous stuff, if you arent an uber competitor tho it could be ok - u dehidrate tho, u die, and not in a pretty way either.

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