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    Question Winstrol!!! Help

    I am 21, I weigh 180 and I am 5'11". I am looking to gain some bulk and cut up. I have done a 10-week cycle of Deca50 and stacked the last 4 weeks with test. I had great results, but I would have liked to become allot more cut!
    I bought one 30ml bottle of winstrol -v and was told that it would not increase my bulk and cut me up at the same time (It makes sense), but is this a fact? If so, I would like some feedback on a good cycle to gain weight and to cut up, that includes winstrol. I have done research and am posting this to further the research.
    I also need to know the correct needle gauge for Winny, I think I bought to small of a gauge.

    Thanks, CHIEF

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    correct needle size is around 25 gauge but you can also drink it. You can keep the deca going and start taking winny 25mg a day, or 50mg a day depending on how long you want it to last, dont do 50mg eod because it has a short half life. 30days at 50mg ed+ a very very strict diet, and some cardio would produce nice results. Remember a six pack is made in the kitchen not the gym, lab or dr.

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    Hey chief, you can find most of your answers by searching. All the ? u ask have been asked before on daily basis. As as for bulking/cutting stack, there is none. Pick one and go with that.

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