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    Hey all thank you for the good cycle info on the last thread. Now i have a question. With the dbol , sus, do i need both clomid and nolva? Because i don't want gyno, but i want me natural testosterone to come back up.

    and if i do use nolva how many do i need and do i take it while i'm in my 10 week cycle or only in the end?

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    Yes, you NEED both, for almost any cycle, and definitely for that one. Buy a bunch of Nolva and have it on hand, you can never have too much of the stuff. If you start to see symptoms, I take 20mg the first day, and 10mg ed for the rest of my cycle. Others will tell you to take 40mg until symptoms go away, and then 20mg ed for the duration. Just MAKE SURE you have both clomid (around 35-40 50mg pills) and Nolva (lots) BEFORE you start that cycle

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    clomid is more for post cycle and nolva is more for during the cycle. nolva should also run into the end of clomid therapy too.

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