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    Unhappy What to do now ??

    Okay I am new here,and I have to say I am damn glad that I came across the sight
    I have taken as off and on for about 8 years,and every time I had good result's.I usually stayed with only one product during a cycle,which was almost alway's a 250 mg inj..I just came off of a cycle about 3 month's which consisted of Sustenon @ 500 mg.'s a week,and Korean AD @ 50-100 mg.'s a day until I used up all 54 amp's of the Sust.,and all 100 tab's of the AD.I made some damn good gain's again,went from a soft 215 lbs.with a 38 inch waist, to a pretty hard and somewhat vascular 238 lbs. with a 33 inch waist. Since then I have dropped down to a decently hard 208 lbs.. I have already gotten 48 more amp's of Sust.,but I would like to know from some of you vet.'s on here,what should I look into to gain good lean mass,damn good strength gain's,and I would like to get more vascular also.I have no urge to get all bloated and swollen anymore !! What do you think about stacking AD along with either Deca . or Win.? Or how would I do if I stacked the Sust.along with them both for about 4 week's,and then switched solely over to something a little less toxic ?? Any and all knowledge is appreciated. Thank's !!

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    If you want to be vascular use the Eq instead of the Deca .
    Winny will harden you up and also make u vascular.
    Try this:
    Weeks 1-8 Sus 500mgs or 750mgs a week
    Weeks 1-8 EQ 400 - 600mgs a week
    Weeks 4-10 Winny 50mgs e/d
    Stop winny thurs of week 10 Start clomid that following monday.
    Good Luck...& Lift hard


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    baraso made a good cycle for you, follow it.

    no need to use ad-50 for your goals.

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