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    Talking Amateur to a Pro

    OK, I have started taking Clenbuterol ( Spiropent)
    1)What is this stuff like ?

    2)What would a good stack to take with this type of Clen ?

    I am 21 yrs, 6'1 about 160 been like this for like the last 4 years I have Norandros and Andros would it be alright to stack one of these with Clen ?

    3)ECA ?, Would that be all right to stack ?

    4)Taking creatine would that be alright to take with Clen ?

    5)What about taking Metaform Metacuts, this stuff has MA Huang, and a 8% of Ephedrine in it ?

    6)And Also what about Alcohol how does this have an effect on Clen ?

    Any Help would be muchly appreciated.

    Thanks, BradleyG

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    answer to all your question lies behind this link

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    bro clen is for cutting up... At 6'1" and 160lbs what the hell are you using it for??? No flame meant, just sounds like a waste of money to me.... concentrate on building more size and mass first then get cut

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    you dont need fat burners since your thin. and pro-hormones stink! unless maybe your 40?

    workout naturaly for awhile, and if you think you want to take the next step then do so, but I wouldnt use pro-hormones or fat burners right now.

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    maybe im mistaken but did he say----im TAKING clen ...then ask, what is it like?----no flame but I think I would know what something is before I put it in my body...use the search button---it is the gateway to all your answers.

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    what i meant was what is this stuff like when taking or stackin with these other substances.

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    Bro you dont need Clen . Im that height and i weigh 180lbs @8% bf. What are you doing. No flame, but with your stats clen would only make you look unhealthy. You should try to build more of a base. Fuck prohormones, stick with a high protein diet, creatine, glutamine, and mult-v's. Eat small meals every 3hrs containing at least 30grms of protein. This will keep your matabolizime working fast, and help prevent catabolic stages since your providing your muscles with protein frequently. Thats my advice, use it

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