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    Is test really just test?

    I am just wondering about you experience juicers, I know there are different forms of test and the esters are different in each, but really, I know that some take longer to kick in, and some you have to inject more frequently but have any of you that have tried the different variations, did you really think that one test was better than another or is test really gram for gram just test?

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    well i read that sus 250 makes the blood unstable cause of the different esters and timing it gets releases,also read cyp and enanthate are practically the same ester just 1has a added compound element i fogot the element

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    I like Prop my self.. now that is a nice ester right there. LOL, Peace, korsow

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    i like to use a long lasting test for the leanth of my cycle and switch to fast acting test for a few wks after so i am able to jump on the clomid theripy faster.
    or another reason people use fast acting test in the beginning of a cycle to jump start it untill the long acting stuff kicks in,insread of using dbol .

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    the only thing that is differant is the time it takes to get the effects. if you separate the test from its ester, then yes, it is all just test. given the fast acting esters can serve a differant purpose from the long acting in the beginning or end of a cycle, but its still just test.

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    I like sust and omni , you get a blend of all 3 , I have tryed a few of them ,but seem to always get the best results off of those two !

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