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    Dosages for Deca+Testosterone suspension


    I am looking for some advice on the best way to stack Deca and Testosterone Suspension together for a complete cycle. Any info on how much of each to use and when would be appreciated. I have not used either before nor any other product.

    The deca is 50mg/ml and the suspension is 100mg/ml.
    I am looking to put on some size. I currently weigh 194 pounds(88kg).

    Also advice on deca + stanazol cycle would be great.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    the deca is very low in concentration which means huge volume of injections, then again you have suspension that you're going to be shooting daily anyway, so you can just mix the 2.

    here's my suggestion:

    suspension: 75mg/day wks 3-10
    deca: 400mg/day wks 1-8
    stanazol: 25-50mg/day wks 3-10

    clomid wks 11-13

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    mmm diet coke with lemon
    just the thought of suspension pain makes me cringe

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