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Thread: Madd Test..

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    Madd Test..

    i just finished a 5 week cycle of T4 by itself, and i have like 3 or 4 shots left, cuz i was just doin that for spring break...and i just picked up sust and TT is it too much test not good...i already started the cyp. should i finish the t4 and start the sust too.......this is all the gear i have for awhile, no $$$$ at all, and my supplier is away for a month.......

    help me out with what i have..


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    i might get flamed for this but i think that too much test is not bad,i would go for it personally,make sure your eating right though and have some clomid for the end,or your gonna crash worse then twa flight 11 into the trade center

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    why not extend your 5 wk cycle to 8-10 weeks?

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