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    Question Insulin gains??? Cycles???

    I've read and heard a lot of good things about Insulin , but is it as good as I've heard. Has anyone used it. What gains have they got and how have the cycled it.

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    it's definitly for advanced users only. goes well with HGH and high amounts of test.

    nothing for someone without much cycle exerpeince to use.

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    is it true that once you take your first shot of slin your a diabetic for life?

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    diabetic for life? i know someone who has diabetics and he use to take insulin so he can live.

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    Insulin is very anabolic and also is safe to use with a little common sense. There are no reported incidents of BB'er's becoming diabetic from the use of exogenous insulin.

    There are several ways to incorporate insulin into your regimen. It can be used alone as a bridge, it can be used with steroids in a mass building cycle, and it can be used to compliment an hGH cycle. The type of insulin to be used (fast, slow, medium) depends on the purpose of it's use.

    You would need to research and ask a lot of questions before taking insulin, because, as was pointed out by JJ, it can kill you in extreme misuse situations.
    For example, I was contacted by a young fellow recently with a last minute question right before he injected himself. He didn't understand the differences between iu's and ml's, and was about to fire up 100iu's of very fast acting Humalog........this would have put a first time user in a coma for sure!!! Good reason to check your PM's, never know.

    Hey man.......feel free to contact me if you want to go with insulin and I'll walk you through it. But, it is for advanced users who have plateaued out on traditional gear.

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