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Thread: crash diet..

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    crash diet..

    Im just comming off a test/d-bol/winny/fina cycle.. and i have no appetite what so ever, im affriad if i don't start eating im gonne lose everything i gained. Anything i can do to help jump start my appetite .. besides AS. Im trying to get a break before a DNP cycle.

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    EQ! j/k I am sure you will want to eat in a day or two. Give it some time. Eat what you can in the mean time.

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    its hard to stay on track post cycle bro. i just plow through it and force myself to eat. the only thing i have ever tried post cycle for my appetite is inj. b12. it helped a little, but for the most part, i just made myself eat. it gets better as you go along. if you dont eat, you will lose alot of your gains.

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    same thing kinda happened to me, but after about 4 days I got thsi monster appetite, and its still with me. I'm just constantly hungry, so i don't have to force feed anything!

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