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    Man..whut's up with all these bros gettin gyno- I don't understand how this happens >

    when most of us are taking such small amounts compared to competitive BB's and the Pros, what the hell do they do to protect against this bitch tit shit? The same as us- Nolva, Arimidex , Proviron ? They using mass amounts of this shit? I mean I hear of all these people losing their hair, getting would think that all the pro's would be bald by their AS use. Do they know something we don't? I know old guys that have been using AS for years- have never had to take Nolva for any gyno symtoms, never has taken clomid post therapy, say's balls never shrink, and I know this guys still has a sex drive...WTF going on? Are some of us just outta the loop, or am I just being a complete dumb ass right now? (you don't have to answer that- btw)


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    Great Question. Or maybe they do get gyno but they get surgery. Who knows....

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    Any good pro worth his salt will get the breast tissue removed surgically before it becomes a problem. It's only a$4-5000 procedure which is small beans to most national level or pro competitors.

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    i know whats up,JMO they are playing with there chest to much and bugging out and thinking that after a chest workout its gyno JMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and they start gear without have arimidex ,nolvadex ,serves them right for not being patient

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    I was thinking about that the other day and this is the 2-cents worth I came up with - here goes:

    Some people will get alot of side-effects from gear - others none. If you do get alot of side-effects from it you'll probably not do alot of it - and you'll never become a world-class bodybuilder. Sorry, but hard work and protein shakes isn't good enough. The professionals represent a small percentage of those who have not only a huge genetic potential for building muscle but obviously get little to no side-effects from gear and can and have taken them for a long time and are okay. Just because they take a shitload of gear and get away with it doesn't mean that everyone should be able to. I might be able to get drunk every night and be okay but not everyone else can.

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