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    anyone had experience with oasis? how could it be leagal?

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    call them up

    or search for alot of posts on them.

    here is one with a members experience

    hope it helps

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    Its legal for people who meet the low testosterone . People who can provide bloodwork that shows they need it get a prescription. I heard its expensive. Tons of info on the search.

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    I checked it out. They are a clinic that specializes in hormone therapy. I'm sure you knew that. They ask questions like Do you feel tired alot? Gaining a little bit of weight you cant seem to get rid of? Sex life not what it used to be? Its all on the medical questionaire on their site. You have to meet the criteria though. Age I think being one of em. They want a copy of blood test and check up done in the last year. The part of it that makes it legal is there stating it is hormonal therapy. If you decide to call them, check out their website and look at the questionaire, that way you know how/what to ask or answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohawkman
    anyone had experience with oasis? how could it be leagal?
    Not everyone that applies will get the treatment, namely your chances are very slim if you are under 30.

    This is what you call in the marketing world, targeting your market to those that might need your help or product the most, that is guys over 30 who have been messing with steroids for years are probably the best place to find a large number of potential patients who are in need of your services.

    It seems like a scam to have a doctor advertising legal steroids prescribed on a web page labeled but there is nothing scam or illegal about it. Its well known that misuse of steroids can render your body unable to generate its own normal/natural hormones anymore. Men who are producing unusually low levels of testosterone tend to be sick, failing health, fat gain is out of control, etc especially when this occurs with middle to later age groups and these guys can especially benefit from testosterone replacement therapy. Also these guys as they get older, also become more aware of their own mortality so they are less apt to cheat and use triple doses, etc and usually follow the directions of their doctors.

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