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    steroids and high blood pressure

    I currently suffer from hbp: however I'am on meds for this condition. Would anyne advise not to do a cycle?

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    It would be pretty risky I would think to take steroids if you know for a fact that you already have high BP. What meds are you currently taking for the high BP? Have you ever cycled before?

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    I would say that it is not worth it. However if you decide to take the risk I would run a short ester such as prop. That way you could dicontinue use and the symptoms would reside within a few days rather than weeks on a longer ester. Also anavar might be a steroid to look into. It also has a short halflife and tends to be mild on BP. Just know that either way you are taking a big risk. I am sure you are well aware of the problems of high BP (stroke, heart failure, etc). So be careful.

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    don t do it! high bp is a serious issue.

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