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    What is a good stack for speed

    My goal is to add on about 10-15 pounds but more than anying icrease my speed and vertical jump. I heard winstrol is good for this. If so what should I stack it with. Thanks.

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    Just go by Mr. Ben Johnson, he's the one responsible for puttin Winny on the map! It might make your joints dry such as:knees. So, be sure to drink plenty of water to keep them bad boys lubed.


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    a strong plyometric training schedule is literally a 100 times better than winstrol .trust me i've been doing it since age 14 and continued all through college basketball and track(110hh, HJ), as well as TAC meets and US developmentals.don't let anyone on here fool you into beliveing that you'll be dropping .o's off your 100m time or increase your vert w/ winstrol alone.anyone who tells you different is an idiot.plyometrics and consistant leg turnover drills are key to vertical improvment.start your plyometric training and keep track of your will see significant improvement and it won't take me on this

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