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    I am gonna take 600mg Test Eathanate(200mg/ml Brovel) and 600mg Deca (300mg/ml Ttokkyo) and Anadrol for the first 4 weeks.Do you think this is a good bulking cycle? How do you suggest I run the Anadrol? Should I run it at 50mg or 100mg? I just finished a Sus/Deca/d-bol cycle. Sus at 500mg Deca at 400mg and dbol 40mg ED. I am 23yrs old 6' 205lbs 10% bf.I am gonna wait a few months to hit it again but I want to start getting my gear ready. What do you guyz think? Thanks again!

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    id drop the deca to 450 per week - the cyp is ok - any more is wasted on you, your 6' for goodness sakes. the drol you dont really need, dbol would be just fine - but some like to try different flavors each time, i understand. - id keep the drol at 50mg ED - you might hit it for 75mg but no more than that and 4 weeks is just right - tke ur liver protectors.

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    im gunna be doing a similar cycle in a few months also and ya know i was wondering the same thing,i can get 50mg dbol same results? take 2 a day?do the a bombs? help us out!

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    heck yeah 50mg of dbol is probably overkill - you can get by with 40 probably (less youhave the asian 50s) - I usually say go with dbol for a while before drol but you can go with either.

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    I have done a similar cycle but i think that 50mg of anadrol is just fine but i recemend you split them in two and take one before a work out and one a couple hours later. I experianced better results that way.

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    actually adrol has a very short half life so if you can cut the pill into 1/4 and take it 4x per day thats even better - ull have better resuslts.

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