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    How much to inject/what needle?

    i'm doing a cycle of EQ, T200, winny. well the first two weeks i'm doing 600mg of EQ, 400mg of T200. i plan to inject on mondays and thursday. i heard that i can mix the EQ and test200 together. is this true? also, would this be ok: 300mg of EQ + 200mg of T200 in the same gauge together. (injecting it all at once with one shot?)

    also, i couldn't find 3ml 22 guage needles anywhere! i do however have 3ml 23 guage. would the 23 guage be ok to use to inject test and EQ? i know the 23 guage is to inject winny and 22 guage is to inject test/sos. what should i do? also, the 22 guage is an inch and a half long. the 23 is an inch long. is this dangerous?

    please get back to me on all those questions. i really appreciate it. thanks

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    I shoot my eq and t-200 in the same pin all the time. 23 ga is fine but for a glute shot you should have a 1.5 pin. Check out

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