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Thread: t200 questions

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    t200 questions

    Anyone ever have any problems with Blood Pressure while on t200? Thanks for the info in advance.

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    Well my friend, any kind of test will have side effects, and high BP is one of them. I am taking test right now, and I normally have High BP. What I do, is take a garlic tab (two a day) and an aspirin. That alone helps keep my BP down. You may want to make yourself aware of the sides with doing any test or AS for that matter. Gyno, High BP, Enlarged Prostate, Mood swings, hair loss, etc. that is one of the prices you pay.

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    i'm currently doing t200,
    fist time doing it 1st week 400mg,
    2nd week 500mg, last night 600mg no side effect
    no water problem, or bp at this moment yet,

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    Yeah, I went to the Dr. while on test and he said I had high blood pressure. Which I normally have normal. So I think the test gave me High Blood!

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    I ordered some saw palmeeto for my prostates while i do my cycle I hope it helps but heard it does so I rather be on safe side then have prostate trouble.

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    t been taken t200 for a while and it alsways makes my BP high

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