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    opinion poll

    how many of you believe that site injecting will encourage a muscle to grow,and of you that believe have you personally seen results using this method ?my tris grow,but not to the extent of the rest of my body,i have tried every thing.i have been injecting straight into my tris only for about a week.not every time of course,but at least 1-2 times per arm per week.i would love some feedback.i have almost always injected in my quads and delts,but now iam on fina and ed injections require me to find new am i wasting my time or is there a proven theory about site injecting.

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    i really dont think it would work bro,it might look bigger due to swelling.
    if it worked alot of bros would be walking around with hugh asses

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    I can't think of a reason it would make that muscle grow faster than others.

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