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    What to do about clothes

    What am i going to do about cloths i need some new clothes summer is comin up but i am going to do a cycle and i know what i buy now wont fit me. So if there a good time to go shopping during the cycle lol ?? I mean i hope to put on 20 pounds should i but stuff a lil bigger, also will have to buy more new cloths psot cycle. THis aint the most important question on here i can tell you that but its really got me confused lol.

    ANyone got any advice on what they do ?

    AS far as pants go it cant be too drastic of a change. I think shirts are going to be the problem.

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    Stick with your current t-shirts and wear them around the hood. They get real tight and all the girls will smile at you. Hey, that's how it works for me.

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    beenie did u start juicing or start eating? you used to be really skinny

    if u did, we need before and after pics

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    just buy some shorts that you can cut the sides of the legs so they will fit at the end of the summer.

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