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    Question hey i need some help!!!!to all mods

    about 9 months ago i tore my rotatercuff now i am better i can lift again when i got hurt i was 5'10'' 207 pounds to be exact and i had only 12% b/f i am now 175 today and didnt gain much body fat like 1 more percent but i am a prison guard so i need my size so i was wondering if someone could help me with this cycle!!!
    i will have 40 anadrol tabs,and 1000mg of testosterone enanathate,1200mg of propionate ,280 d-bol tabs,100 clen tabs and 25 clomid tabs i would like to make one big cycle out of it all!!!also i was wondering when would be the best time to use the anadrol and d-bol an hour before a work out or what if you can pleqase help me i always used the d-bol and sustanon anddeca stack but i lost alot of size and in my line of work i need it back like fast !!!!!!oh yeah i have been working out again for the past 2 months my diet is good i take in 407 grams of protein and 275 grams of carbs and only 26 grams of fat a day i mean my strength is coming quick but my size isnt!!!!

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    You need to talk to one of the MODS

    Hey Man,
    Although I new to the MOD gig, nutrion and diet are more my expetise. But even I cringed at the thought of you cycling all of that juice at one time. Before you do anything PM one of the other MODS and find out a little more before you begin. Safety first.

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    well u've got some of the "ingredients " as tobey would put it, to make a bulking and a cutting cycle. I'd do both(two cycles) 6 months after eachother. Run the bol with the test en and get some eq. I wouldn't recommend running bol and androl at the same time, so i am not sure what u should do with it. Though u could substitute the bol for androl. And save the rest for a cutting cycle.

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