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    Cool 1st cycle please help and suggest.

    This is my very 1st cycle. I'm 19, 5'9, 155lbs. I'm looking to get between 180- 190. I presently have this cycle set-up, but was curious if should add D-bol or not, and how much arimidex .25 or .50. I've alredy ran into gyno on prohormones.

    Sust 250 Deca winstrol
    week 1 750 1-8 400 5-8 1 50mg pill daily
    week 2-8 500

    and arimidex.

    Can't wait to be jucin

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    Few things.....

    1 - too young. you really should wait. are you needing all this mass so you can pick up hoes on 6th St. ??? but, if you've already made up your mind to take it, we're here to help. it's your body.

    2 - cycle isn't all that bad. i'd recommend throwing the d-bol in with the sus, since it'll be about week 3 til you start feeling the effects of it.

    3 - arimidex can be taken in dosages anywhere from .25 - 1 mg per day. start off with .25 or .50 is what i'd say

    4 - gyno on prohormones ???

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    first thing, i say you are too young too but i am 18 and am about to start my third cycle so like mastur says,if you have made up your mind then go for it,b/c i sure the hell will. but run the cycle for 10 weeks, you will be more pleased with the cycle, also front load the sust for 2 weeks instead of one. peace

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    Same ol' argument. "Don't juice until you're at least 30!" No flame intended, but I think anyone 18 or older can benefit from the proper use of AAS. Note the word, "proper". Just my opinion...

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