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    To cytomel or not to Cytomel with this cycle?

    This is the cycle I'm planning:

    test 500mg week 1-8
    fina 1/2cc eod week 3-7
    dbol 30mg ed week 1-4
    clen 2 weeks on 2 off, epi stack in between

    My goals are to gain 10-20 lbs of muscles, but at the end of 8 weeks (or during) get my bf from 19% to below 15%.
    The question - should I take Cytomel ?
    How much will it stand in the way of gains?
    Does it always rebound? I.e. will I always gain the fat even if I control the calories after? Anything to prevent it? Will the fat gain after the cycle be less than the one burned?
    If I take it a 25mcg/day dose (lower) will it still rebound?

    Finally, with this cycle, should I take Cytomel in the middle? End? How much , how often?

    Thank you!

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    hey Luke i posted a thread a few days ago about having t3 in a cycle,search for Cytomel or t3 or D00fy .........

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    Bro I wouldint throw in any T3 during this cycle. The Fina alone will lean you out and the clen to. Make shure your consuming good quality calories, and no junk food calories,=.

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    Don't do the Clen when you are trying to bulk, it will burn off calories that you want your body to use to build muscle.

    Decide whether you are doing a bulking or cutting cycle; it's impossible to do both! (You can do a two-phase cycle, but 8 weeks is a bit short for that!)

    If you want to bulk & lose bodyfat, use your caloric intake to control what you are achieving. Eat more calories to bulk, eat less calories to cut.

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    Ajax is the Clen Nazi, he he he, Ajax was bustin my nuts about clen in my cycle too, i think clen and ajax have a shitty relationship, lol JJ bro your posts/advice are awesome, i just woke up and am a little delerious

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