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    5th cycle dilemma??? Need advice ASAP

    I'm on my 5th cycle and have some issues on what to take for additional lean gains. I'm 6'1" 212 and have leaned out to about 8-12% body fat(lots of diet and cardio the past 6-8weeks). I'm on a 5day split rountine with cardio in morning 30-45mins and weights in afternoon. My body type is a endomorph and I gain fat very easily. I'm looking to remain lean and gain some lean mass. I have tried many cycles consisting on combinations of Sus, deca winny; Prop, winny, fina;

    My latest cycle starting in April conists of:

    1-5 d-bol 30-60mg/day
    1-7 combo test E & Test C 500mg/wk
    1-12 EQ 400mg/wk
    8-12 Test Prop 150EOD

    now as of 7/9

    12-20 Test prop 90mg ED
    12-18 EQ 500mg
    1-20 ldex .25/D
    1-20 nova .10/D
    milk thristle
    B6 200mg

    My question is I'm not getting the gains I once did. Very important to get lean gains and stay hard. My newest changes are to shoot prop ED (.90mg) and didn't know if I should add winny 50-75mg/day for 4-7wks or up Prop and EQ mgs? Funds are limited and didn't know what I should do.


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    I dont see why you wouldnt be making gains on this much jucie unless some of it isnt real, are you eating enough? there could be several factors . How long of a break are you taking after each cycle?

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    Diet is good 225-250g protein a day. S/b eating more whole meals instead of shakes and bars possibly. Gear is ligit BD-others are using with good gains. I gained a bunch of strength and water weight in beginning of cycle with the dbol . I also realize the last 6-8weeks I have been dieting and can't exspect to gain muscle. My biggest issue is probably time off between cycles. The past 3 cycles have not equalled time off. It's been more like 3month on 1.5months off. After this cycle ends in late Aug I will take off alteast 3-4 months. I just wasn't sure if my dosage was to low or what. Should i up dosage or add winny? Or am I screwed because I haven't taken off enough time between cycles? Thanks for your help.

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