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    How the Might Fall!

    Cycles over. (Test. En 500mg + Deca 400mg 1-10, + D-bol 1-4)

    I stopped injectables about 18 days ago, almost time for the Clomid, so I have about the lowest level of Test. in my system that I will have and boy, it sucks!

    I took last week off of lifting; I had a bike acccident and slammed my elbow, I could not grip anything w/o severe pain. The elbow is better and yesterday was my first day back in the gym.

    Damn did I feel weak and flat last night! I could barely get through a light workout. My poundages are down (a little that's to be expected), but my attitide, enthusiasm, energy and pump have really hit the shitter. Instead of feeling good about being inthe gym, it felt like torture.

    I start Clomid on Friday. How long before I feel human again?

    Next time I think I will use Test. Prop. to avoid the taper. Anybody else try that? Does it help?

    How long should I wait until my next cycle? Right now I have to admit I really miss that invinceable feeling!
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    yeah, that sucks. you may feel this way until your next cycle, or you may get over it quickly. i don't know you. i personally expect this after every cycle and it doesn't bother me anymore.

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    You will feel great again. When you start your next cycle....

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    the clomid takes approx. 2 weeks to restore your natural test,......good luck w/ the elbow bro.......

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