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    If Steroids was legal to buy how would it change the bodybuilding industry?

    Just your view points.

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    I don't think it would on the upper levels. I'm sure as "natural" as they are most of the top competitors have used gear at one time or another.

    On the other hand, by legalizing it, I believe thru reasearch we would have stronger and safer gear to use. FDA is pretty safety concious and with the amount of money they would generate, companies would be forced to produce a cleaner product which would benefit us all.

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    I agree... most of the steriods we use now were made back in the 1950s for godsake.

    Imagine the new exciting,.. more anabolic gear they could come up with(also with less sides).

    I gather it is just not a $$$ making industry, considering all the red tape and smuggling and etc that comes with it.

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    how were the laws before roids were outlawed in the states? could you just walk into a pharmacy and say "gee, what should i get today? hey pharmacist gimme 30 amps of deca ." no questions asked?
    my guess would be that prices would probably go down because of the sheer volume that would be sold, because now people would not have to go to mexico, greece or turkey to get their gear. it's all about supply and demand, the more people want, the lower the price goes.
    i don't really agree with vegas and nate though because steroids are legal in many countries and human grade grear is made with the utmost care, remember it is a drug just like xanax or valium, and made in a labratory. You're propbably thinking of mex/vet gear.
    speaking of mex/vet gear,legalizing steroids, espacially in the states would surely put a lot of vet gear manufacturers in mexico out of business, because they, believe it or not, are just legitimized bootleggers and were not around when gear was still legal in the states, they were just filling trhe void.

    oh yeah, if gear is legalized you can say by by to the chinaman:china:

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    doubt it would be a whole lot cheaper - iof its legal, its regulated by FDA - still would be not cheap cheap but quality would get to the top.

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    Hell, I just got done reading Anabolic Insider (a freebie mag I get from STeve Summers), anyone know him? Well he swears by his OTC products, as gaining 21 pounds of mucsle in a 8 week cycle, but the price is like 500.00 bucks. 500 bucks? Hell I can get good gear for that and know it works. My point is, I personally think the price wouldn't change, in fact, I would think it might even would go up, being that labs and suppliers, will be trying to make more money, but who knows, and besides, I think that when Steriods become legal, hell will freeze over.

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    as all new products when they first come out, it would be extremely expensive until competition evened the supply curve out. the demand would stay the increase so companies would produce more initially. quality would be incredible and many cosmetic surgeons would lose tremendous amounts of business for tummy tucks and all that shit. i gotta agree with cycleon on this one and for sicilian, those products are shit man, not worth the time or money, ur talkig about paradeca and that kinda shit, it was made illegal last year but is not full regulated because of grandfather clauses.

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    I would hope that if it ever was legalised that it would be restricted to 20 years and up just like alcohol. And there would need to be proper education programs. But in saying all this i dont think it would ever be legal, i mean if alcohol just got invented that would probably be illegal too just like in the prohibition days.......HITMAN

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