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    high bloodpressure?

    Hey guys,
    I went to the doc yesterday to get my backed checked out and he took my blood pressure and it was 140/110. He asked me if I was on roids and I told him and he said I should get off asap. I m just wondering cause I only have 11 more days of winny left. Im on 750 sust, 400 equi, and did 40mg of dbol the first 4 weeks. The sust and equi should run out in bout 10 days also. My question is whether or not this is really high for people on roids and also can I take clen after I come off of these roids? My bloodpressure should drop when they leave my body right?
    Thanks for the input

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    Actually my blood pressure is 138/100!

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    Dude, my BP is around that as well. Actually a "little" lower. Have you taken it multiple times to see what the running average is? That is the only way to know for sure.

    Ask your Doc if Asperin is ok to take, I think he is giving you the standard Dr reaction to Juice. You should go buy a good digital BP meter and check it 5-6 times a day.

    Drop any caffiene, efedra, and make sure your sodium consumption is LOW (check the labels and add it up). I assume your not drinking sodas, but if you are they need to go too.

    Check out my other post about this same topic, TNT had some great comments as well.


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    Cool Additional comment...

    Thanks for the reference, DMX - I think that thread would be relevant to lethal's question.

    lethal, an additional comment: 138/100 comes under the heading of mild hypertension, and doctors usually do not treat this with medication - they advise diet and exercise and take a wait-and-see attitude, waiting to medicate until the B.P. gooes into the range of moderate hypertension.

    Some AS do raise the B.P., but I cautiously say that I wouldn't worry too much at this point in your cycle, especially if your doc based it on a one-shot reading. (The diagnosis of hypertention at any level is usually reached over several readings on different days.)

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    no need to stop the winny that doesn't really cause high bp anyways. Keep your sodium intake to a low, around 2200mg a day and also drink a lot of water, and increase cardio. I wouldn't take the clen until i knew that it was back to normal just because any stimulant that causes the heart to race will bring up the blood pressure.

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