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    Cycle Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If i was runnign a 10 week cycle of [email protected] weekly and [email protected] weekly and i wanted to run 5 weeks of tren after im done with eq and test so i could use clen and cut up and harden up a bit. woulkd that be all right or would it be pushing it? this is my 3rd cycle? what do u think?

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    Just incorporate the tren in the middle of cycle. Also switch the test to prop. You can also add winny to that as well.

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    Yep!...what Mindbomb said!...I wouldn't run the fina without some test. Add some winnie to the mix and you'll definately harden up...I'm running fina and winnie together with test and EQ for the last 8 weeks of my cutting stack too!I'm using t3 and clen ,along with the test and eq for the first 6 weeks.

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