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    Great Size/ Minimal Loss

    Ive done two cycles before, my first 300 mg deca once a week for 7 weeks, with minimal gains, the second 400 mg deca and 500 mg sus once a week for 10 weeks with great gains, lost about a third of it.

    Any idea on a good third cycle. Im 6'3 225 currently with 15% body fat. Id like to get up to around 245 - 250, thats with the cycle not after I loose at the end of it.

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    when u do those cycles, u need to be shooting tha deca twice a week, and sust twice a week, split tha doses, also do u run pct?

    good cycle for u to gain a lot:

    test e 600mg/wk 14wks
    deca 400mg/wk 12wks
    winstrol ??


    test e 500mg/wk 14wks
    tren 75mg/day 10wks

    think ud gain more on 2nd, but u need to get your diet down, and make sure u use PCT bro, thats may be why ur losing gains

    edit: also u may want to use a short ester test, be easier for u to keep gains i think

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    i did shoot twoe a week for the other cycles...

    the first choice u gave me is actually what im thinking of doing, it was between that or a sus 750mg a week ( 250mg M W F) and deca somwhere between 400 or 600 mg depending which vials i can get ( 200 or 300 mg T Th)

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