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Thread: Hows my goods?

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    Question Hows my goods?

    I have 20ccs of 100mg Deca and only 2ccs of Sustonan 250. How should I take these two together. I also have clomid, do you take the clomid a week after the last shot, or right after? I was going to take 200mg of Deca a week and take 1cc of Sust during the first and third week. I want to gain and keep about ten pounds, are these results achievable?

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    First of all you need to do some more reading...not a flame, just telling you to do a little more homework. Well my friend...the sust/deca stack seems to be the most popular by far. If you do a search at the top of the page you will find all the info you need. However, if you want some help...we need more info. How old are you, how long have you been training, what is your diet like, height, wieght etc.....

    deca should be taken for 8-10 weeks @t 400mg/week...yes you will need another bottle
    sust250 should be stacked with the deca and taken @ 500mg/week....yes you need 7-9 more amps. Clomid will have to be taken post cycle 2-3 weeks after last injection @ 300mg day1, 100mg/day for 1 week, 50mg day for 1 week, 50mg EOD for 1 week. You will also need nolvadex (or arimdex) in case of aromatization.

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    listen to pete. you don't have nearly enough for an effective cycle. don't worry bro, no flame intended, you just gotta read some more

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    True that,, if you use what you have now by its self you will be wasting it pretty much, get more gear.

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