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    Its in my ass and down the hatch....

    To all who is interested..........

    age: 26
    height: 6 ft
    weight: 200
    bf%: 14-16%
    goalut on 25-30 pounds for Div I ball

    Hello gents, just started my 10 week cycle today, consisting of the following:

    week 1-10 test enethate 600 wk
    week 1-10 equipoise 400 wk
    week 1-4 d-bol russians 40 mgs per day (10mg morning, 10mg lunch, 10mg before workout, 10mg post workout dinner)
    clomid 300mgs day1, 150mg next 10 days, 100mg next 10 days

    diet consist of about 60% carbs, 30% protein, 5-10% fat respectfully.

    This is my first well thought out cycle, I have had 2 previous bunk cycles, not so well thought out. The d-bols gives me a rush of energy, it is amazing!!!

    Thanks to Bigkev, JuiceJunkie, and everyone else who supplied such pertinent knowledge on how to cycle.

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    good luck bro, stay safe. Looks like you put some thought into this one.

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    The way you planned your diet makes me proud. Good luck

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    sounds like you did some research on this one bro. and you had 2 good brothers helpin you . good luck and keep us posted on results..........

    peace bb79

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    9Natural9 Good luck bro and I will be following your progress with a lot of interest. If you have a great deal of success I may just follow your example this Fall.

    Good luck my friend

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