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    the sweet spot


    What is recommended for a first time user to build mass and keep but not go overboard?? I have access to any kinds pill and injectables... 6'2'' 185-190 average built..... any help would be great....

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    Here's what you do. You read this board for a while. You will learn everything you need to know. You do need to do your own research though. It really is important to understand what it is you're doing to yourself and the options you have. No one can tell you everything you need to know in a single post or two. Trust me dude. Anyway, whatever you choose, testosterone should be in there as it should be the backbone to every cycle for several reasons. You need to look into anti-estrogens, side effects, possible long term effects, what to do post cycle, etc. Lot sof shit to know to get the most out of it and not fuck yourself up royally.

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    spoken like a true MOD- you da man Nate. Brooklynthug22 stick around, check out the drug profiles, found out what you want to acheive, and research, research, research.


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