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Thread: After Cycle

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    After Cycle

    I don't know what is the best way to get off a cycle since there
    is so many different opinons out there...
    It almost seems like there isn't any right way of doing any post cycles ... HCG , CLOMID, NOLVADEX .. etc.. what do i really do? EVery book out there tells you to do it this way and you start to read another book and it tells you something competely different...
    So can any body really tell me what is the best way of getting off a cycle? I MEAN who better to ask then people with experience rite?

    INFO: currently weighing 175, doing a
    cycle of:
    d-bol 1-6 40 mgs/day
    sus 1-10 2cc/week
    deca 8-12 2cc/week
    winn-v 8-12 1cc/per day

    If you have notice i start my milder AS at the last 4 weeks of my cycle hoping that i would keep more of the gains from my d-bol, and sus..
    but i understand that a secondary souce(s) must be included to keep most of my gains.. My first cycle didn't go so well lost almost all my gains so i want to keep 60 % or more of my gains...
    thanks for your help.....

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    I would drop the d-bol to weeks 1-4, use winny weeks 7-12...also use clomid 3 weeks after your last injection..start with 300mg/day 1 then 100mg/10days and 50mg/10 days...Nolvadex is kept on hand in case you start noticing any gyno symptoms..

    The best way to keep gains is eat right, train hard, and be sure to use that clomid ..

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