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Thread: Fina Question!

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    Fina Question!

    If you take fina by itself are their going to be noticable results or do you have to stack it w/ somthing else like winstrol ?

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    there is not really much that I wouold do all by itself. that is not to say that you will not get anything from a fina alone cycle.

    if you are looking to do a good stack with fina..and you want to cut up for summer which most people are looking at doing right now

    try something like this
    prop 100mg EOD
    winny 50mg ED
    Fina 75mg EOD

    and you use clen in that and flowing it up with some clomid...then you will have a cycle bro

    hope this helps.

    good luck

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    fina 75 ed
    prop 50-75 ed
    winny 25-50 ed

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    You can take it by itself just fine. Test prop, Winny, and EQ are also good matches for it. Test counters Fina Dick and Prop is almost as fast acting as Fina. Winny is believed to counter any progestagenic side effects Fina may have plus gives super pumps. And EQ allows strength gains, vascularity, more lean muscle tissue, and a healthy appetite. Here is a future cycle I've got planned out:
    Weeks 1-8 400mg EQ per week
    Weeks 2-8 75mg Fina (Tren ) daily
    Weeks 2-8 50mg Test Prop daily in same syringe as the Fina
    Weeks 2-10 100-150mg cheap ** Winny daily
    HGC weeks 8-10 3000IU, 3000IU, 1500 IU, 1500 IU
    Clomid weeks 10-14
    Clen weeks 10-12
    ECA weeks 12-14

    I figure the EQ will kick in around the 3rd week and then I'll have 6 weeks of test/fina/winny action, then ride the winny out till clomid therapy. Using HCG , Clomid, Clen, and ECA correctly with a good diet and training should allow me to keep close to all my gains I hope.

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