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    lets say you wanted to frontload a deca ,test-enthanate,d-bol cycle.How would you go about the dosages?

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    It completely depends on what your dosages would be if you DIDN'T frontload, and were just going to run straight through. But why do you want to frontload? You're taking dbol , that's as much of a frontload as you'll need. That will kickstart your gains just as well, if not better than frontloading your others. Now, if you weren't running the dbols, that's a different story, but since you are, you don't have to worry about it.

    What are your dosages going to be??


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    as pp said, dbol is usually taken with a deca /test stack as a frontloader till the hard stuff kicks in.

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    advanced users often frontload anyway, even when using orals. the usual way is to increase by 100% the amout of juice in W1 - or alternatively increase by 50% in both W1 and W2. ie - 400mg deca every week = 800mg W1 or 600mg W1,W2.

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