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    Question First cycle info

    Hey all, I have just subscribed and think this is one of the best sites I have seen relating to bodybuiding and what not.
    ANYWAY... i am just about to start my first cycle. It consists of deca and injectable winnie. I plan to do 50mg of the winnie eod for six weeks.... now here is the problem .. i have 10 shots of deca @ 200mg ... i should probably get more , i know .. but i can not - so how should i space those two out .... and yes I am going to finish with clomid, tribestan, and methoxy (cant hurt)
    Also what gains can i expect to get I would like to get to around 200 lbs, i am currently 5'10" and 180 .. do u think this is possible?? Thanks

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    hey bro, i'd say u forget about the winny, and do your deca +maybe some sus250, or even test enathat+ d-bol. i do not sugest winny for a bigginer cycle, any how bro, also u really need to watch your diet. that is the important part, u need to make sure u do get 2-3grams of protein per lb. take small meals but, complete.
    for ya, i would sugest a cycle such as this one:


    some people do not like to tapper sus, but i like doing it, but bro as a first cycle i think, u will see good enough results just buy doing this. oh and if u feel your niples getting sore, sensetive or itchy at any time, start taking nolvadex , and continue till the end of your cycle.


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    Your body naturally tapers test so no need for tapering but hit your winny ed and your deca once a week but it at least 600mg of deca per week and 100mg of winny a day

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