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    Steroids are bad ummkay?

    how about this cycle?

    i have never cycled before, but have done a lot of reading lately. The only gear available to me is dianabol tabs. What should i expect when i get off-cycle? How can I get hcg or nolvadex or anything to help keep gains and avoid side affects post cycle? and what gains should i expect from this. I've been lifting off and on for about 3-4 years. Im 21, 6'5", 197 lbs. Squat only about 300 in good form, and bench about 260. Also, during a cycle, how much cardio should i incorporate?

    week/daily mg total
    1 / 10mg
    2 / 15
    3 / 20
    4 / 25
    5 / 25
    6 / 20
    7 / 15
    8 / 10

    any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    hey bro, k, i would say u need to get some othe type of gear in there as well if u wanna get the best results. do not rush, try to get maybe, some type of test, in there, and maybe some deca , than cycle it.

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    bro keep reading and researching, I'm not flaming you but that is a terrible cycle. You don't want to run D-bol by itself.

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    Bro I gotta go with Solid on this. What have you been studying? Even if you did wanna do d-bol alone (which you don't) those doses are way under sized. Do a search under newbie cycle. Im sure youl find some good stuff. Deca /test/d-bol would be good IMHO

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    Welcome to the board bro

    That cycle will produce results but it will not be that effective.Do a little more research and find and wait for more items so you can do a complete will be better in the long run

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    Hi there its good to see you have come for help dont be put off by what these guys say they all know their stuff and only have your best interests at heart!

    You say you have only been training on and off for 4 yrs but you dont say anything about your diet and training pattern etc! A lot of guys who decide to cycle do tend to have trained naturally and with strict diets etc for a long time! You are only 21 (not meant to be patronising) and still have growing to do and i doubt you have use up all your natural genetic potential!

    What you have to appriciate is that AAS isnt a magical drug and wont create a fantastic body just by popping a pill or injecting some juice! If you already have a good foundation base you are more likly to see quality gains that will stay!

    Is there some reason why you can only get hold of Dbol tabs bearing in mind that they can be harsh on the liver you need to have some Milk thistle to help with it! As the guys said the doses you suggested are under the recommended 10mg a day is excessivly low you should consider at least 25mg and because of the half life of it it will need to be split up throughout the day! as an example you could do an 8 week cycle with dbol weeks 1-4 and stack it with deca /sus for the full 8 weeks with clomid when you come off! but i dont want to be too specific as i would rather you did more research!

    Please rethink im sure we can all help you with other ways to gain muscle and mass before taking that step as these guys said this isnt a flame well done on the research but keep at it!

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    Wait until you can get a "complete" cycle stacking is the most effective way of growing

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    Do some research bro, Ms-Figure's given you somewhere to start.

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    Bro I would recommend you go with this cycle. Test Ethanante or Cypionate 400mg a week. Then get some dbol and run 30mg every day for the first four weeks. My first cycle I did Cypionate at 200mg a week and I shot up through the roof! I would recommend you do a lot more research before you do this such as gear,diet,training,and rest. You want to get the most out of your cycle your first time.I just finished Sustanon /Deca /Dbol cycle. This is my second time using Sustanon and I'm not to happy with it. I felt that Cypionate or Ethanate would have been more effective. But it's all in your genetics on what takes well with your body. Good luck!

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