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    estrogen rebounding from letro

    Hey boys, I read that estrogen levels will rebound after you stop taking your letro. For some reason the aromatase enzyme goes into overdrive when you stop inhibiting it. Because of this, and knowing that estrogen levels cause all kinds of side effects, when is best to stop taking letro? Is it near the end of the cycle, or near the end of PCT? Wouldn't it be best to taper off the dose slowly to allow estrogen to come back slowly?


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    I have just finished my cycle of Test E and EQ. I ran Letro all the way through including PCT. I slowly lowered the dose down to .5mg upto the last day of PCT and continued with nolva to help with any rebound.

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    This is why I prefer l-dex. But yes taper it, you can taper all the way down to .25 mg ed before going off and as stated continue to use nolva for a few weeks post letro use.

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    letrozole has a longer half life than arimidex , there is no evidence that either causes a rebound effect. this assumption is based upon this study
    Use of ultrasensitive recombinant cell bioassay to measure estrogen levels in women with breast cancer receiving the aromatase inhibitor, letrozole.

    what the study found is that during the first 6 weeks of treatment suppression was greater than during the second six weeks, likely due in part to upregulation of testosterone /androstenedione substrate production and mostly due to upregulation of secondary pathways and/or tissue specific aromatase production (AI's do not work equally in all tissues)

    level of suppression during the second 6 weeks was still at least 92-97%

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    wow good info... so no worries about taking letro then? I have so far stuck with arimidex , but thinking of letro, or exemestane cause Nolva doesnt lower its effectiveness... hmmmm

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    letrozole is typically more potent in men than arimidex (anastrozole), exemestanes effectiveness, from an E suppression standpoint, "seems" to fall between the two.

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