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    Question help

    I want to start using anabolics, but i dont know where to start. I want to use winstrol depot to help me loose weight and get cut, But i also want to gain more mass. I would like to use parabolan , but read begginers should not use it. I also am wondering about dianaball, but i read it has many side effects like bitch tits and acne. Want i want to know, is it ok for a beginner to use winstrol depot and parabolan. I also want to know if winstrol depot will counteract the side effects of dianaball. and rid my worries of bitch tits and acne.

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    deca and sust. if you are worried about acne then take saw palemetto, maybe some accutane and bathe, haha.

    ALWAYS have nolva on hand with any cycle unless you will be running arimidex or clomid along with it and that will cover the gyno problem.

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    you have to decide whether or not you want to mass or cut.
    once that decision is made you can get alot of info on either subject if you list your stats what you are trying to gain.
    theres alot of people here willing to help but we need a lot more info on you

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    Hey there if you can get hold of Parabolan you are a very lucky guy This is extreamly hard to get hold of! I am also confused as to why you would want to use trenbolone if you are worried about gyno this definitly isnt for a first timer especially as you are unsure how you body is likley to react to ASS you may be more prone to symptoms of BT and ache and until you do a relativly mild first cycle you wont know so i would steer clear of Tren !
    You would also have to have an excellent knowledge of Clomid and Nolva to use after your cycle in order to get your test levels back to normal as Tren can muck your balances up alot.

    In other words stick to dbol , Winny, deca , EQ etc, you may also want to research anavar as its a good for hardening I am sure we could design you a good stack based on what you actually want to achieve as 4plates said we need to know your stats etc are important! Also it looks like you are researching but you may want to do a little more first! We are all here to help so feel free to ask questions etc!

    How old are you? as we all would not recommend someone taking ASS under the age of 21

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    First i would have to see stats and age...the i could make a cycle for ya bro....

    however dont let anyone try to sell you para... 9 time out of 10 its fake... but fina is the closest to para...infact i think its better

    para was stopped being produced years ago and i oly know of two source that have the real stuff..and one is out right now and the other sells in bulk of 500-1000 only...

    winny for a first cycle isnt bad..however its hard on the liver and if you want to stay clear of the side effects i would go with something like clen and ananvar to help you cut up....

    read the profiles on the main page of the steroids ......well read everything you can...dont jump into this tweo fast bro...

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