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Thread: d-bol gyno

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    d-bol gyno

    I have just started my first cycle...I started with 1cc of Deca every three days. I have seen excellent results in strenght and size. Now my question is if I stack d-bol with it should I worry gyno. I only plan to take it for 6 weeks. Should I have to worry with the gyno in that period of time or only if I take it longer than that.

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    youll have to wait and see, make sure to taper up and taper down on the dbol , that should eliminate your risks, but even still some people are super sensitive the aromatization of as and will effect everyone differently, i have a buddy that runs 1000+mgs of test during pre-compettiion for the last six years and has never even bought a single tab of nolva, another friend had to stick with nolva throughout a 8 week dbol, deca stack, it depends, mike or one of those guys could answer this better

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    I,m doing a deca /sus/d-bol cycle and started the d-bol at 20mg and the remainding 4 weeks at 30mg.That is enough time to get gyno if you are prone.You will not know if you are until you start taking it.
    If you do decide to take d-bol get some Nolva in case of gyno(itchy nipples swelling or general soreness) IF you do get these symptoms take the Nolv at 20mg until they subside and then run it at 10mg for the remainder of the cycle

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    Personally I dont taper dbal due to its short half life If your running 400mg per week of deca run 40 mg per day of dbal

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    do u guys think that if i haven't seen any signs of gyno after 50mg ed dbol for almost 3 weeks i probably wont?

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