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    Question help! is this winnie real!??

    i ran across some winstrol in a 10 ml vial..the glass is light brown in color and the liquid appears to be a milky white (so far, so good) the label says Stanozolol USP XXIV 50 mg/ml by International Pharmaceuticals Exp Date: 06/04 Batch no. 20020 out of Hodonin Brnenska 38...
    I was under the impression that anything by International Pharmaceuticals was probably bogus, is that still the case? Any ideas would be helpful. thanks!

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    ** is not bogus. Just underground lab. But I never knew they made winny in liquid form. They make tabs(50mgs, blue). I dont think ** makes winny in liquid form, definately get more info on what you have before you start injecting or drinking it.

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    i had the same thing bro ,and i have like two or three bottles of test cyp aswell the same thing.anyone with info appreciated ,where are they from ?????brenska 38 doesnt sound chineses and i dont think that therer the same as **.anyone?

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    Check your PM....

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