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Thread: any suggestions

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    any suggestions

    I got 9 amps of Durateston 250,2 10ml Nadrolona 300 L.A ,40 Clomid pills,3 2500 ui HCG and some Reforvit-b. I heard that you could drink 1cc ofRefovit and that would be like taking 5 d bol pills? This will be my second cycle i am 25 5"7 155lbs 12% body fat. ive been lifting sence i was 17 does . Any suggestions on how to take this?

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    I'd take 500 mg/wk of the durateston, 500-600 mg/wk of nadrolona, and take the clomid about two weeks after your last injection, 2 pills for one week and 1 pill for two weeks after that. you probably won't need the hcg yet since your cycle isn't that long. not sure about the reforvit-b.

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    Get more durateston atleast 11 more amps.

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    send it all to me

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