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    Question obtaining cutting cycle

    after I get off my enathanate i want to go on a cutting cycle consisting of clen , t3, and winny. I also need clomid for finishing my cycle and to take along with the winny. i need to know what is the best way for obtaining all this. i've heard clen is hard to get. but i was wondering if the this cycle sounds good and if anyone has any tips for getting this stuff.
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    I can get you anything you want man....=) careful when you post asking people where you can get stuff from....if they reply its then illegal....bc they are source posting.....but seriously ignore all the emails you will be getting now with offers.....your probably gonna get a bunch of people tryin to scam the new guy

    The cycle looks aright....but make sure u know yer drugs before you buy them

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    Translation on this thread:
    bro be careful with a post like this

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