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    I am going to take Eq
    Week 1- 200
    Week 2-250
    Week 3-300
    Week 4-350
    Week 5-400
    Week 6-400
    Week 7-350
    Week 8-250
    I have 2 50ml bottle, 50mg.
    How do you recommend taking these shots, because i dont think it is too
    safe to put more then 2 CC's in a shot. If i want to get the right amount
    each week, can someone recommend a schedule for me?

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    hey bro, give us your stats:age, height, weight, bf%, workout experience, cycle experience, etc. Include what your goals are and what kind of workout routine you are on and how long you have been on it. No one can give good advice without knowing all of this.



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    No reason to taper that at all. Pick a dose and stick with it all the way thru. either 300mg or 400mg a week all 8 weeks. I personally wouldn't run less than 400mg, but that is just me.

    EQ is better run in longer cycles, so maybe wait till you are ready for a 12 weeker, and then run eq...because eq really starts getting nasty in week 4-5...then you only have it in for four more weeks...not counting your coming off weeks. This is my opinion, others will differ, I'm sure. So take what you want from this, and there's, and come with with an educated decision on your own.

    As far as shots.

    3cc is fine in glutes
    2cc quad shots
    1-2cc delts
    1cc bi's
    1cc tri's
    1cc calves

    THIS IS JUST A GENERAL schedule...I mean, I know guys who have shot 6cc in their glute with no problems...but this is what I believe to be the safest bet, to stay away from an oil abcess.

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    My stats:
    5'9 10% body fat
    This is my first cycle
    I have been weight training for about 5 years now
    Right now I have been doing high weight low reps
    Eating about 3500 calories a day
    High Protein, Low Carbs

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    10 weeks @ 400 mg per would be OK. 12 weeks like the big towel said would be better.

    BTW don't expect to see huge gains from eq. However, if you keep that in mind I think you will be very happy with your outcome. The vascularity is unmatched

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    Originally posted by RON
    10 weeks @ 400 mg per would be OK. 12 weeks like the big towel said would be better.

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