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    Fina & Parabolan.......dont get brainwashed

    Compare test prop with test enanthate and fina (trenbolone acetate) and parabolan ( not looking it up).

    They are essentially the same thing, why does every prefer test prop over enanthate (those who have used prop will know what I mean) but speak so highly of parabolan. It is nothing special and you can make your own trenbolone acetate for cheap as hell.

    If side effects become to harsh you can stop the tren acetate and it will be out of your system faster. I thought the goal was to inject more frequently for less sides and better more efficient and consistant gains.

    Dont get fooled by sources selling parabolan. Save yourself some time, money and in 9 cases out of 10 buying fake parabolan.

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    with you 100% here bro.

    That is why I am trying 5 on 3 off cycles, cheap, but steady gains. 14.5cc's a week may get old soon though.

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    i read that somewhere. 90% of parabolin in the country right now is fake. i heard bad things about it anyway. gains vs side effects made it a bad choice

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